5-Axis Waterjet Cutting

The Hausman Omax waterjet is a precision machining workhorse – from prototypes to production runs in sizes up to 4′ x 8′. The Omax waterjet cuts complex flat parts out of materials including metal, stone, plastic, rubber, glass, ceramic and composites directly from a CAD drawing or .DXF file. The Omax waterjet is ideal for short-run part production, just-in-time manufacturing, tooling and prototype part development. No tool changes or complex fixturing reduces setup times by at least 50%, which saves you money. Here’s what you get when using the Hausman Omax waterjet for your precision project:

  • Production of a wide variety of short-run parts
  • Saves valuable machine time where ±0.005″ is acceptable – lower cost to you
  • Easily works with materials that are affected by heat (such as titanium, and aluminum) or materials that a laser can not cut (such as thicker metal or composites)
  • Work directly from your CAD drawings
  • Quickly produce one-off parts
  • Control Just-in-Time inventory requirements
  • Omax waterjet offers “clean edge” plate work, such as brackets, machine parts and weldments
  • Lets you create complex designs in glass, stone, tile and metal
  • Makes parts with higher tolerance than any other system
  • Minimize scrap when working with expensive materials – saves you money
  • Environmentally “green” system with quiet and clean operation, low electrical and abrasive consumption

When you’re ready to save time and money, call Hausman Metal Works and Roofing to discuss how the Omax waterjet precision machine can easily handle your next job.