“Hausman’s quality of work is pretty much unprecedented around this area.  They’ve always provided a competitive bid, and their dedication to high quality work and the level of professionalism is virtually unmatched”.

Eric Bruder
Wire Rope
“My satisfaction with Hausman roofing services is 100%.  And it goes back to quality, you want to have a good roof on anything that you build and they always give you a quality job".

Jim Evans
Heartland Hospital
“It’s very critical for the owners that we’re working with that they know were going to get the project done on time and again with Hausman there is the man power on a roofing project or whether we’re doing the ductwork installation to know that the job will be completed in a timely fashion”.

Ron Auxier
Ellison Auxier Architects
“Hausmans does a very good job. They are always there when I need them, anytime day or night.  And they’ve always gone the extra mile to do what I needed done, when I needed it done.  A lot of times when there was a break down, I would need somebody now!!  And Hausmans would always get somebody to the job site within an hour or so to help me out.  They’ve always fulfilled about every need I’ve ever had”.

Dave Masters
Life Line Foods
“We are highly satisfied with the products that Hausman produces and manages.  They are on budget, on time, and they quote very accurately.  If there’s a problem that arises that no one can forecast, we deal with that problem, it’s dealt with fairly, and they’ve done an excellent job in the industrial applications that we had them do for us”.

Jeff Weatherly
Atchison Casting